T500FC, 420th: Deconstructing Harry (Woody Allen, 1997)


If you try to watch this film and tell me why it was created as such might tell me that you have to watch this film again. It was close to clear, based on the title itself, on how Woody Allen attacked this movie. Shown in 1997, this was probably one of the memorable movies of that year, which was also nominated for Best Oscar Screenplay. And if you try to evaluate the film, you’d notice that it was sort of heralded on what seems to be really unreal, though not as much as trippy as any of the stoner films that we have today.

Woody Allen stars in his own film, as always, where he plays the part of a writer. In his novel, it seems that he has attacked a lot of people basing each one on his own experiences, and the personalities of the people who are close to him, by writing it down and using as characters in that book. In which, he starts to create bad relationship after another. We are then provided of how he really is in the real world and how he really thinks, based on the story of the book that he has created.

I’d certainly say that Woody Allen is a master of his own craft. This time, he gives us a different take on something that is supposedly simple, adding spices on the side. One memorable scene gives us a hazy visual look of Robin Williams where he ultimately complains that he is out of focus. Such innovative idea might be silly but it definitely fit on how it was portrayed.

I have to say though that I need to do a re-watch of this film. It feels that it had something more to say other than just with the movie telling us a story of a writer who gives us a supposedly fictional narrative. It was quirky, fun, and a little out of this world where it was way out of his usual works such as Vicky Christina Barcelona, Match Point, and even Annie Hall.

But of course, there was something in this film that was quite incoherent. Probably it was his take on what was supposedly a laugh out loud scene and well, it just fell off short, to the point of making that funny bone at the back of your mind, smile. And I really have to say that this was quite an experience for me to see this. Thanking the kick-ass list that advised me to watch this film.


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