T500FC, 414th: Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee, 1989)


With the violent nature of man, we think that hostility itself would solve everything which includes discrimination, racial inequality, and anything that destroys the basic concept of equality. Enter Spike Lee, the director, who gives us a part-satire, part-reality of what is happening in his country in the nineties. I know everything is quite different today but there are still certain parts in the world where equality is frowned upon, like what happened with Oprah in a store in Europe a few years ago. This film might not solve anything but it surely is a good eye-opener for everyone.

The story revolves around a neighborhood of African-American in the poorer parts of New York. Aside from them, a few minorities also live in the vicinity, a pizza store owned by Italians and a mini-mart owned by Koreans. With the film’s portrayal and a little bit comical at the beginning, the Spike Lee starrer further tells us the everyday happenings of their lives including a little bit of stereotypes on the side. Everything looks fine but ends up abruptly bad when racial ideals bumps against each other and the people in the immediate area are tested on what is morally right.

I literally clapped my hands when the movie finished. It was kind of fun not to see the usual American Caucasians feature experiences that is happening in their country. It was a breath of fresh air to see a non-aggressive African-American set of people since the current depiction of such leads to them as lesser kind of people. Well, ideally, their ancestors came from slavery and it is quite understandable for the people’s rights to be instilled in every non-conservative people.

This film features a great cast: Danny Aiello and John Turturro as owners of the pizza chain where they have to go against the odds at the end, a young Martin Lawrence minus the boasting nature which reminds us of his Bad Boy days, and a radio-personality cum fast-talking non macho Samuel Jackson who we see initially in the movie.

I know this movie says a lot regarding what is morally right or not. Much more when people are stepping on people. It doesn’t matter if respect dwindles as long as you can do what you want. Meaning democracy defeats its own purpose since control is not a big factor in any sense, which is what we usually see in America right now, it seems that every living being in that country deserve to do what he wants to do without thinking of the consequences, which in turn is frowned upon by the higher beings of countries such as the people in Europe.

Actually, the climax tells us something that would surely say that what they did was morally wrong. I know the forefathers of America would say that everyone has the right for such, meaning if you own a place, you have the right to do whatever you want in that area and if you go on defense, you have the right to kill a person. And the film smartly tells us, that logic will surely die whatever matters as long as you have blood on your hands.

I don’t have a penchant for Spike Lee. His antics in the hard court is usually way off, according to news reports and much more, I heard that he is also a racist, maybe trying to prove that the African-American is the highest form of race on Earth. But for this film, you have to scratch his personal life. You have to watch this film, it teaches a lot of things. Hopefully they would re-create a different version of this, one where it portrays bullying in all forms.


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