T500FC, 408th: Super Inday And The Golden Bibe (Michael Tuviera, 2010)


The recent Metro Manila Film Festival witnessed the remake of Super Inday, the one where Maricel Soriano originally starred in. It created a little bit of stir during the awards night when Marian Rivera, the person who plays the female lead in this movie, got the nod for the Best Actress category, as they were saying that Jennylyn Mercado was robbed of the said award. I’m sure year after year, the judges would just want to keep it safe, that is why Rivera got the award, though not as much as awesome as the original, this one is still okay.

As much as it tries to stay away from the original, Super Inday follows the usual superhero genre that we have today, whether it is on the big screen or in the boob tube. A noticeable change is a fallen angel provided by funny man John Lapus, though I can’t remember exactly on the original if there was a fallen angel in there too where Aiza Seguerra actually gave the powers to Maricel Soriano, and a tiyanak as a sidekick. As much as I’d want to tell more of the story of this film, i’d rather not since it just follows the usual and much more copied a few from the original such as the find the magic egg in the lot.

I know it is almost an easy job for production companies to create remakes, sequels even. We have to accept the fact that the marginalized dictates the MM Film Fest. And I guess I have to agree with that too but sometimes we want to make it different, at least for film buffs like us. So, the moment I heard that this was going to be produced, filmed, and created, I was so hesitant to see it; as I am against remakes of originals. I want them to stay as it is.

But alas, we have Super Inday right now, still equipped with the same formula, minus the original character, we are forced fed with Marian Rivera’s acting. Gladly though, it is still acceptable somehow maybe we, and when I say we it means I, have to recognize that Rivera is actually fit for the role. And at least we didn’t see her in Rosario or something in that caliber.

I am not saying I fully enjoyed the film. I still believe that Metanoia RPG conquered the film fest, in my humble opinion of course. But since our country thrives to create more mainstream films, at least this is one of those movies created last year that would be sufficient, more so being a palate cleanser, for a family viewing.

I know local film enthusiasts would probably disagree with me and tell me that we should go for the independent. But you have to see that the aim is actually for the majority, not just for a select few. And with that, yeah, I have nothing more to say but Go Super Inday!


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