T500FC, 409th: Ai No Korida [In The Realm Of The Senses] (Nagisa Ôshima, 1976)


Torn between the boundary of art and porn, In the Realm of the Senses, was one of those, and probably still is, films that created a stir when it was shown, not just in its home country, but with the world. It created a stir and a big difference in terms of what is viewed as a film as compared to just a flick that focuses on the skin. And up until now, it is celebrated as an art film despite the presence of near hardcore pornography.

A mistress, who is working as a prostitute, seduces a man who is of an upper class stature. She eventually owned him in all senses and as the movie progresses it shows that the mistress has problems with her mentality. In turn, the man doesn’t realize the problems at hand and he is in for a dangerous surprise when they go through the extreme S&M activities that they are having.

Funny this was shown decades ago. I mean we might be saying that the generation of today is crazy. Just check out the Internet and we almost have everything. If you’re going to “research” you’d see the mentally unstable side of the human fauna. If you are familiar with the words bestiality and a little bit of two girls one cup, you’d probably understand what I am saying.

Now, I am not really sure if the people of today are crazy or if us humans are just naturally crazy. It was fantastic, in a sense, that this was created decades ago. I know there are issues wherein they showed a lot of skin, much more to the various sexual acts that was shown, but it is just fantastic to see them, not in an erotic way, but on the way it was shown and created. It feels like this is a possible help not just for students, who studies the human psychology, but also police investigators out there since this film is a true to life story that happened in Japan decades ago.

And yes, this film is not impossible to happen. Now, to put this film under the genre of art, for me, doesn’t really go there. Yes, it is art, to say that the human body and sexuality should be shown in elegance, but for me, we have to add that this is a good fictional documentary, strange as it is, would definitely be a good subject in schools.

I remember that there are two types of sex in movies: one, where you enjoy it because of stimuli pleasure and the other being a brave movie where you can enjoy the wholeness of a film. Obviously, this one belongs to the latter. A definite shocking film that looks a little bit tamer than Antichrist. I might not watch this again though, the lead female disturbed me.


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