T500FC, 400th: Vox Populi (Dennis Marasigan, 2010)


Vox Populi is defined as voice of the people. Even if this film didn’t go on a big scale, it clearly examines a small sample of what we usually have in the Philippines during elections. And even if the film is not as exhilarating as the other political films that world cinema has provided, it is such a breakthrough to talk of the sensitive especially in what have been in our midst in the past few decades.

This film probably says it all on what happens before and during the elections. It ranges from the different padrinos of each candidate, on how they’ll manage to get votes from one location, one sect, one religious group to another. It also entails on what are the dos and don’ts of a candidate, which basically tells us that one wrong move from the aspirant, would prove a disaster for the rest of the election campaign.

Along with the previous film experience that I wrote, the one with Alvin Yapan’s Ang Panggagahasa ni Fe, this one was what I enjoyed most during the Arts In The City indie film marathon, or in my case, the Irma Adlawan marathon where Adlawan was the lead actress in the movies that was shown earlier. Well, I have a penchant for our local elections, enjoying the different colors of what people can or may provide to everyone whether they mastered the art of sweet-talking or if they are smart enough to give a lot of promises and you’d end up saying that they did say that when they were running for that same spot a few years ago.

This is the movie that should be shown publicly, I know the joy factor is not as much for the mainstream viewer but a lot can be learned from this film. It really says that during the elections we Filipinos have the usual norm though this film, even if the changes promised were not great, it says that things can be changed even for small ounces. And in order to win, since this is a democratic thing for us, we have to sacrifice some of the good stuff just to get the majority vote. Funny thing is that it doesn’t even require the candidate to give out money to every voter; it just says that when you run, you have to reach out to everyone.

Aside from me actually enjoying how the film was executed, I was perfectly amused when a friend of mine had a scene with Julio Diaz and Irma Adlawan; I texted her about this and I know this is quite a personal thing for me but hey, amusing is amusing, right?

As said, I’d really want this film to do its rounds, not just in Manila but also in the whole country. I know the set-up for the film doesn’t go well with all areas but you have to say that this movie doesn’t reach for the clouds. It merely says that we are almost reaching the goal, gradually.


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