T500FC, 401st: Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe [The Rapture Of Fe] (Alvin Yapan, 2009)


You have to forgive me if I am just new with the local independent movie scene. I’ve heard about this from people in my movie group and I was just so interested with the movie that they were talking about. I never bothered to ask though on what the film is all about. As the title suggests, it feels like it pertains to a little bit of drama and a rape scene reminiscent of a Brillante Mendoza movie. And boy, I was surprised when I eventually found out on what the movie is all about.

The story is about a woman, played by Irma Adlawan, who came back from Singapore living the rural life once again. With Adlawan and her husband working in a bamboo weaving company owned by one of her former lovers, she tries to fit in after having a failure working abroad. Too make matters worse, her husband sexually and physically abuses her, which in turn, she creates an illegal love affair with the bamboo company owner. And to top it all off, a supernatural being is wooing her to join his kingdom underground.

I love how the movie changed from one scene to another. I know I was kind of peppered with the usual battered wife when I was young, I mean it was all over local television, the ones the feature soaps where the woman helplessly trying to save her life from a demon. At the same time I was also peppered with the various supernatural stories and beings whether it is on television or in real life. And when I grew up, I am peppered with the different styles of cheating your loved ones.

But I have to say that the movie was quite long for its type. It would be better if they’ve edited a few parts to remove the predictability of the film; though I quite get it when our local indie filmmakers try to squeeze a lot from the film that they put everything in their own liking.

It feels that this movie might not take a good liking for the mainstream public, though the title itself would make a lot of curious movie-goers. Maybe we are not just ready for something as free as this film. But given a chance that you get to watch this film, Adlawan surely had to take it all off and be an effective actress in this movie. And eventually you’d realize that she was Sarah Geronimo’s mom in A Very Special Love and you’d even tell yourself that that Adlawan is a good actress.


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