T500FC, 403rd: Regal Shocker The Movie (Jose Javier Reyes, 1989)


This is a local film that followed the footsteps of the Shake, Rattle, and Roll franchise. It was probably a trial for Regal Films to create such type of movie, where three short segments are engulfed in a single movie. This is also the time when local films are starting to get big again, hence being this movie copying an original but did it live up to its title? The three shorts in this film are Pangako, Karambola, and Aparador.

Pangako features a story of promise about a “playboy” type of guy who falls for a friend’s sister along with the crazy family of the parents of the sister. Everything has been working out until something grim affects the playboy. Karambola gives us a crazy story of a group in a party where a group of thugs gate crash the party and tries to kidnap everyone. It went haywire when everyone follows everyone and they enter a place that is creepy and eventually affects everyone for such experience. And we have Aparador, a story about a closet where it creates creepiness to the dwellers of the house. The ghost / s heightened their presence and the dwellers try to make at peace with the supernatural.

You know what; I shouldn’t have hyped this movie, the moment I got a copy of it. It was a failure in my part, waiting patiently if the movie did make a difference in a sense if it followed the familiar awesome-ness of the Shake Rattle and Roll franchise. I am not saying it is a waste of time since I still enjoyed it a little bit but something patiently tells me that you should at least finish the film since the most famous of the film shorts in the movie is at the last part.

If I remember it correctly I mistakenly include the Aparador short in the SRR franchise every time we come up with those nostalgia trivia quizzes. Then I realized it was part of this film. And the rest of the shorts were merely forgettable especially Karambola. I am not sure why but maybe it has something to do with the title being something that is incredibly scary and you’d end up wanting for more.

And again, that is why Karambola is forgettable.

But aside from that, Regal Shocker was a good try from the Regal people to follow what has been bankable in the scary genre. They almost got it with Pangako and Aparador still gives me a little bit of chills. It is still watchable and still worth it to show for the kids of today.


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