T500FC, 396th: 29 February [2 Wol 29 Il] (Jong-hun Jung, 2006)


A bleak horror idea from the Koreans, 29 February is a supposed scare fest that happens in the heart of a tollbooth. I am not sure on how they created a resolution that includes the date, the twenty-ninth of February plus a tollbooth, God only knows the oblique idea coming from its creators and having this film the supposed breakout film of the director, Jong-hun Jung.

As said, much of the story relies on the tollbooth, the area around it, and the day February 29. Disaster always happen in that place every four years. A tollbooth attendant experiences this through a bloody encounter with one of the victims / ghosts by handing her a bloody toll booth ticket. She informs the police about it and the detectives will try to discover if there is a haunting in the place.

I have been an avid horror film lover for years already and there should at least have a definite reason on why crimes of ghosts happen in a specific place or instance. Take Hideo Nakata’s Ringu for instance, where Sadako kills off people by giving them a seven-day head start, or at least they can save themselves from death by copying the videotape and letting it be watched by whoever copied it. In which, the back-story of the film itself greatly justifies on why the mayhem is happening as such. Or even Takashi Miike’s One Missed Call where the dead victims die by random and after dying they get to spit out a round candy from their mouths.

It is always good to get a proper back-story for a horror film and not just because somebody died in a specific date. It doesn’t make any sense actually since everything is just common. And that great weakness of this film defined that it wouldn’t go anywhere. It will end up having just a less than ordinary of a film feel.

I am not saying that the creators of this film weren’t that creative. Remember that if you have the scares, make sure you have a fantastic story behind it. People want to see the movie not just for the shrieks but for the intellectual stimulation too.


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