T500FC, 397th: Wapakman (Topel Lee, 2009)


It was not that that bad. Amidst the term provided by a few friends who saw this film in the theatres a few years ago, as they were claiming that it was the worst movie they’ve ever seen, I may say that it is probably watchable for a few points. Though we were all aware that this film was just created for the fact that Manny Pacquiao wants to create a movie, just because, we may also have to accept that the film’s potential was greatly addressed to the fans and their respective families.

Pacquiao works as a plumber who lives a regular life. He has lots of kids at home with the wifey working in a country somewhere in Europe. He gains powers, which I am not saying how he got it, and starts his life as a superhero. During the process of being a superhero, a certain set of people got the same approach, in which they got powers too, and in turn, a few of them became villains. Pacquiao’s family finds out about this and he is now caught in middle on whether he is staying a superhero or lives a normal life with his family.

This does not deserve to be shown during the Metro Manila Film Festival. As far as I can remember films like these are shown somewhere in the middle of the year where theaters are usually empty. And think about this why you would show a non-moral film during the holidays. With Pacquiao’s wife, played by Rufa Mae Quinto, opting to remove him from her life in exchange for a foreigner is not exactly a family holiday film.

The story actually doesn’t even make any sense. It was as if a twelve-year-old created the script of the film. Sadly, this movie was publicized worldwide and it would just be horrendous that they would take a glimpse of this film; probably foreigners would think that we Filipinos are crazy. And no, the film is not even campy in any way, sadly.

And yes, I am keeping this one very short. So there.


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