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CINEMATON: Loving J-cinema.


Since I am joining Cinematon Cinematon for this instance, I am going to play with my strengths. I’d like you to join me on the nuttier, crazier, and the fun part of the Japanese cinema. I am not exactly sure on how I would be able to present this. I know a list would be more appropriate but I would find it a little bit on the stiff side. I think it would be better if I would just like to give out my personal and cinematic experiences that I achieved when I saw these crazy and way out of this world films full of determination, oddity, love, expressionism, survival, and controversy. Read the rest of this entry ?


Confessions of a film addict, Ep. 01


I am going to start an article here where I would divulge my tips and tricks in watching films. I know my film reviews aren’t as spectacular with the like of Roger Ebert; I’ve quite accepted that. Most of my reviews are purely fan film review. As stated in this website, we’re not film students. We just do it for the love of the cinema. And today, I’d like to share on how I am able to watch those award winning and art films. Read the rest of this entry ?