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Biktima.1990.Lino Brocka


I have always had the notion that old-school Filipino drama films, the ones shown in the eighties and in the early nineties, would probably be all the same. I guess I was really wrong, probably I always thought that those movies that star Sharon Cuneta or Christopher De Leon would end up with me crying shamefully (come on, I’m a guy for goodness sakes). But sometimes you just have to watch a lot of films to understand that you’ll be wrong once in a while. Read the rest of this entry ?


Kontrobersyal.1981.Lino Brocka


With the recent scandal provided to us by Hayden Kho, et. al, you wouldn’t probably mind that more than twenty-five years ago, Lino Brocka already came up with a film that tackles the same nature of humiliation. The medium might be different and even the situation but the idea of scandals has been haunting the industry for decades already. Read the rest of this entry ?