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Targ’s picks: Golden Globes 2010.


I have been extremely busy with stuff lately and I almost forgot that the Golden Globes is just hours away. I haven’t had the chance to look much with the nominees and to my surprise I was able to watch around fifty percent of the given nominated films that also includes the ones under the best actor, best actress, and other categories (oh you already get it). Read the rest of this entry ?


5th Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival.


Cinemaone Originals 2009

Whew. Our local film industry is actually ‘booming’. Not in terms of monetary much of course but the number of festivals are actually increasing every year. So, I’m actually a tad wee bit, make that three days, late with this news. There is actually a 5th Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival held at the Gateway Mall. Read the rest of this entry ?


80’s remakes and such.


a scene from the film, little shop of horrors

I was browsing FLS and something caught my eye.

If you’re an 80’s kid like me, you’re probably familiar with the film, Three Men and a Baby, and its sequel, Three Men and a Lady. It was a hit back then. With its synopsis, having three fathers with one daughter is a sure fire way of bringing in the family and teaching your child that what he or she is watching is impossible in real life; that there is only one mama and one papa in a family. Read the rest of this entry ?


Hollywood stars in professional wrestling.


with John Cena waiting.

I’ve been watching WWE since the fifth week of 2009 religiously. Last June, the gimmick went that WWE will be bought by the billionaire Donald Trump. And so he did. So, Vince Mcmahon, WWE’s CEO, bought it back from him and came up with the idea that there’ll be guest hosts. The guest hosts could be any celebrity that you can think of, alive of course, and past or injured WWE celebrity. Read the rest of this entry ?


We’re new. Please don’t hurt us.


The greatest thing ever made was film and cinema. And boy, do we all love to watch films be it kick-ass, film noir, weird, or your usual and traditional.

I came up with this site with one reason, to share to our friends or other people in general that there are great films out there that aren’t provided to us by the distributors. We would still talk about the usual films, don’t worry.

We are not film students. We don’t work for the industry. We just love films. And we will write what we think is appropriate. So, please respect our views though a healthy debate or conversation is always suggested.

We are just giving this one a try. Please don’t prosecute us if we can’t deliver posts daily. And we do want you to watch the films that we’re reviewing here.

So sit back. Relax. And enjoy.