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T500FC, 422nd: Thirteen (Catherine Hardwicke, 2003)


Maybe the number thirteen is the lucky number for the director, Catherine Hardwicke, of this film. Lucky in a sense that this movie paved way for her to mainstream giving us the swoon movie Twilight and its supposed follow-up to the vampire saga, Red Riding Hood, because it featured a werewolf. With this film, made as independent, it gives us a view of her style and a sort of Tim Burton-ish look without the “fun” parts, of course. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 433rd: Red Riding Hood (Catherine Hardwicke, 2011)


Catherine Hardwicke, the same person who directed Lords Of Dogtown and Twilight, gives us a dark horror fit for viewers of all ages, as she has proved it with her Twilight touch; much more with the fact that after her vampire stint with Twilight, she gives us a werewolf film that was clearly a general patronage movie as opposed to Joe Johnston’s 2010 remake on The Wolfman. Read the rest of this entry ?