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Zombadings: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington (Jade Castro, 2011)


A great friend once said, “If it is a great movie, it doesn’t need to spend on obscene amounts of exposure and promotion. A proved quid pro quo on quality and viewing pleasure.” Sadly, that friend doesn’t even exist but it establishes the basic principle on what this movie can provide. An ordinary Indie film that has an extraordinary use of script, stereotype, and punch lines. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 397th: Wapakman (Topel Lee, 2009)


It was not that that bad. Amidst the term provided by a few friends who saw this film in the theatres a few years ago, as they were claiming that it was the worst movie they’ve ever seen, I may say that it is probably watchable for a few points. Though we were all aware that this film was just created for the fact that Manny Pacquiao wants to create a movie, just because, we may also have to accept that the film’s potential was greatly addressed to the fans and their respective families. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 414th: Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee, 1989)


With the violent nature of man, we think that hostility itself would solve everything which includes discrimination, racial inequality, and anything that destroys the basic concept of equality. Enter Spike Lee, the director, who gives us a part-satire, part-reality of what is happening in his country in the nineties. I know everything is quite different today but there are still certain parts in the world where equality is frowned upon, like what happened with Oprah in a store in Europe a few years ago. This film might not solve anything but it surely is a good eye-opener for everyone. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 470th: Detroit Metal City (Toshio Lee, 2008)


The creators of Detroit Metal City could’ve been drugged and drunk at the same time when they gave the life of this crazy idea. This film originally came from Manga where it was such a hit and that’s why the film version was created prior to its OVA’s that could’ve gained attention too. If you want to watch a modern-day version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then this film would suit you well. Amidst the language barrier, subtitles provided by the film are still a must as lost in translation’s nowhere to be found. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 500th: White House (Topel Lee, 2010)


The definition of white house differs from one country to another. If U.S. tells us that this is the house of its current president, ours lead to a more supernatural meaning. It is part of the Filipino pop culture and Topel Lee tries to tell a rendition of White House. Read the rest of this entry ?