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Targs says: Film Suggestions For The Up And Coming Holy Week 2010.


So, I haven’t had any updates for this site lately. I deeply apologize for that. That’s like an almost two months worth of supposedly awesome film reviews and articles. Oh, remove the awesome part, just the plain old film reviews and articles. With the personal life succumbing with this particular extra-curricular activity, I was able to grab a few ideas on the upcoming annual Roman Catholic’s last week of Lent, or Holy Week in short.

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Top 50.My Top Filipino Films of the Decade


So, I came up with the “fifty top Filipino films of the 00’s”. The rules are quite simple. I am going to take the top five films per year starting from the year 2000. I am only including films that I loved and liked or if the number of films lacks that top five, I am including films that garnered a lot of applause, good criticism, and was able to make our country proud. Read the rest of this entry ?


Armchair Commentary’s Oscar Season: Five Films You Should Know.


Season’s greetings! The Oscars is relatively near. Have you seen a lot of interesting films late this year? If you haven’t, fear not, ArmchairCommentary did something brave and came out with an article, Oscar Season: Five Films You Should Know. The piece of writing is not that long and worth a read. It would also give you the five films you may want to download for this weekend (and at the same time watch it on what film finishes to download first) or the next week, whatever may matter.


FSR’s The 15 Best Horror Movies Of The Decade.


Robert Fure of FilmSchoolRejects made a list of The 15 Best Horror Movies of the Decade. Read the rest of this entry ?


A.V. Club’s Almost The Best Films of the 00’s.


This is a great list from the AV. Club people. They came up with “Almost the best films of the 00’s: orphans and personal favorites”. It is quite simple. They came up with the top five films that each of the contributors loved that are not in The Best Films of the 00’s and then compiled them having twenty-five films in total. Read the rest of this entry ?


TIFF’s Best 30 Films of the Decade.


Aside from the title of this post, I got the link from this article, “Why it’s so hard to say what’s good when it comes to movies.” The link is a short read only and I think the author of that article has a point. I think I’ve previously mentioned about this before, films are subjective. Read the rest of this entry ?


Times Online UK’s 50 biggest films for 2010.


Times Online UK came out with another list of the possible fifty biggest movies for the year 2010. The list includes a reefer duo Christmas edition; a number of sequels; bankable franchises; and a lot of remakes mostly coming from the eighties. Read the rest of this entry ?