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T500FC, 427th: Manoro [Manoro The Teacher] (Brillante Mendoza, 2006)


The admiration for Brillante Mendoza definitely increases based on this film. Apart from my previous statement that Lola was one of the films where sex wasn’t included in any part of the film then I may have to re-deliver that because Manoro The Teacher happens to be in the same situation. Apart from that, this sort of short film, as opposed to his other works, rely on one of our country’s favorite pastime, elections, or politics, it doesn’t matter on which is which. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 450th: Grandmother [Lola] (Brillante Mendoza, 2009)


The Brillante Mendoza is definitely on a roll. In 2008, we saw the dirtiest secrets of a torn down theatre in Serbis. In 2009, we saw the excruciating dismemberment of a prostitute in Kinatay. And on that same year, he gave us Lola, a simple yet complex story of two grandmothers that are affected by their grandsons. A very significant factor in this movie is the director’s approach to the film, a movie created by him without showing skin. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tirador.2007.Brillante Mendoza


Brillante Mendoza, the director, stated last year that he wanted to make movies based on real life stories that depict the Philippines. It is actually true in all aspects as I am starting to get that certain respect for him. I know that he is doing this all for the sake of art and the cinema and not just for your usual, how much would I get from this film? And with this film, the Mendoza trademark is still there, nationalistic without the film looking cheap. Read the rest of this entry ?


Serbis.2008.Brilliante Mendoza


Can I just say that Brillante Mendoza’s work is really impressive? I never knew that we could come up with world class films. Despite this film unsuitable for our local mall cinemas, I am sure that foreign film enthusiasts accepted this movie wholeheartedly. I think Roger Ebert can agree on this one. Read the rest of this entry ?


Kaleldo.2006.Brillante Mendoza


Coming from a Bulakeno family and mostly related with Kampampangans, it was a gem for me to watch this film. And with a Tagalog setting and a film director with Brillante Mendoza, then you get a very world class Filipino film. Read the rest of this entry ?