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T500FC, 472nd: Chatroom (Hideo Nakata, 2010)


You’ve probably heard the name of the film’s director, Hideo Nakata; he jump started the Asian horror cinema back in the late nineties. He gave us the Ring series (Ring, Ring 2, The Ring Two) and the liquid horror, Dark Water. And if you are a Death Note fan, you are probably aware of his 2008 film, L: Change The World. Now, we have Ch@troom, a film based on a screenplay and this film also premiered in the recent Cannes festival. So, we have here a Japanese filmmaker trying to do something Western; let us check this one out. Read the rest of this entry ?


Ringu.1998.Hideo Nakata


The Ring or Ringu redefined the horror genre. It proved that the Asian film industry could produce a film as awesome as their western counterparts. The theme, feel, and style are different. Watching the horror genre only has one aim and that is to prove that that film is scary enough for the viewer. Read the rest of this entry ?