Inception. 2010. Christopher Nolan. Review by Mike.


It’s my first time to write here in Pinoy Film Zealot. I’ve had access since this blog began but I never found time to write any entry.

Thanks to the movie Inception, here I am writing my first review. I kinda felt that I had to write something about it immediately after watching the movie.

I have read a review of Inception before seing the film just to have an idea what it was about. The review was positive and I immediately liked what the movie was about. Little did I know that after watching the film, I would appreciate it even further. Some films have good to great ideas behind them but they don’t necessarily translate into a good to great movie. For Inception, the idea behind the film is good and the way this idea was executed and translated into the big screen is even better.

A friend wrote on facebook that he thinks Inception is a cross between the films What dreams may come and The Matrix. I haven’t seen the movie What dreams may come but I would have to agree with The Matrix part of it. With the heist and ensemble component to Inception, I would have to add the movie The Italian Job to my friend’s comment.

A dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. That’s a big part of the movie. But Inception is not just about it. The story lines and sub-plots are as deep as the layers of dreams within the movie. And we add to that the visuals (which are Matrix like) and the superb performance by the cast everything is perfect. I guess there is this organic unity to them. Nothing feels contrived. Everything is in its right place. Information in the story is revealed at the right moment. Another friend posted in Facebook: Damn you Christopher Nolan for making the perfect movie. I agree.

The title of this movie, Inception, is what Leonardio di Caprio and his ‘team’ are trying to do. They have to plant an idea inside a person’s mind. Leonardo agrees to do this job even if it’s not what he and his team usually do. Leonardo is a thief of secrets. He and his team enter a person’s dream and steal information and secrets hidden inside this person’s subconscious. I don’t want to go any further so as not to play the role of a spoiler. I recommend to watch this movie together with friends. As it is begging to be discussed.

After six years of holding the movie Hero with Jet Li as my favorite movie of all time, Inception has now officially dethroned it.

Big big thanks to my friend Mitch who through her Citibank credit card free movie passes, I was able to watch this masterpiece of a film.

Here’s hoping for more inspiration so I could post more movie reviews. Cheers!



  1. I read in an article that there are a lot of interpretations and plot holes for this film: http://www.cinematical.com/2010/07/19/dissecting-inception-six-interpretations-and-five-plot-holes/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Christopher Nolan provided us with Memento (his first “hit” film), Insomnia and The Prestige, i’m taking out the Batman films since they banked on a franchise. The films that I mentioned provided, excuse me for the term, brain fuck for those who love films that would want to set their brain to woozy.

    And we are thanking Hollywood right now for giving this guy a break. Kudos to Nolan and Inception for making 2010 memorable.

  2. Thanks to this film and the amazing success of Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film, it should be without doubt that the third Batman movie of his will be more of a “brain fuck” to excite his fans.

    The third Batman will be his last and without doubt his best! Thankfully, movie execs have now realized that Christopher Nolan can be left alone with a movie project and produce something audiences will enjoy and see again and again. the man is a money maker so the studio’s should bank roll him for many years to come.

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