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Rakenrol (Quark Henares, 2011)


If there is an annual Best Nostalgic Filipino Film Award, then hands down, this film would nail it. In all its glory. Five years in the making, four band members, and a lot of familiar faces, director Quark Henares did something that suits him accordingly even if some pundits didn’t agree. And creating a film related to the local rock scene is a Herculean task, so whatever he does, he’d probably still be hearing negative reviews and positive praises. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But it all ends up with one thing, doing what you want and what you really love. Read the rest of this entry ?


Keka.2003.Quark Henares


Our film industry in the early 2000’s gave us a lot of bold or sexy films. We’ve been bombarded with a lot of these that we thought the actresses who take part in these kinds of films aren’t capable of jumping to a different genre. Let us put it this way, Kim Basinger had to wait years before shying away from her sexy characters with the likes of Nine ½ Weeks, Batman, Cool World, and even Wayne’s World 2. Fast-forward to 2002, she was quite effective as Eminem’s mom in the film, 8 Mile. Read the rest of this entry ?