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T500FC, 398th: The King Of Comedy (Martin Scorsese, 1982)


This film is a wonderful and underrated Martin Scorsese film shown decades ago, about the happy and sad life of stand-up comics during the seventies and the early eighties. Loved by critics and ignored by the viewing public, despite an all-star crew and an awesome director, it ventures into a life of a stand-up wannabe who just wanted to make a name in Hollywood. Read the rest of this entry ?


T500FC, 471st: Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)


Casino is an extremely addictive film that I failed to watch when I was still in my teens. Martin Scorsese, the director, delivered this dark, grim, and ugly film into something that is completely comprehensible to the common viewer, even probably to those people who hate violence and gangsters in general; meaning people who hated The Godfather trilogy. I’d also like to add, on why this film was snubbed in the Oscars, thank God Sharon Stone was nominated that year, and Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking winning that year, so no biggie. Read the rest of this entry ?


Gangs Of New York.2002.Martin Scorsese


I saw this film early this year and this one is of the most wonderful epics Martin Scorsese has ever made. With the luscious set design and an all-stellar cast, this film is really worth watching. Forget if this one lost every nomination in the Academy Awards, you don’t need the Oscars if you know that a film is a winner already. Read the rest of this entry ?